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Before you even get in the car the examiner will carry out a simple eye test by asking you to read a number plate about 20 metres away. He will then ask you a few questions about your car. They are very basic car maintenance and safety checks which will be covered in your driving lessons before the test.

Now for the driving test!

If I have done my job correctly, by the time you are ready for your test you will be a confident and capable driver, very aware of all procedures, alert and aware of surroundings and developing hazards. You will be able to drive, decision make and complete manouvres completely unaided, calmly, under control and most importantly safely.

So relax! Keep focused and remember the examiner is only human too! His job is to observe your abilities and he is looking for a consistent and safe standard. He will be assessing you on set manouvres as well as your general driving ability. Remember, you are allowed up to 15 minor mistakes and still pass. So if you do realize you have made a mistake, for example selected the wrong gear, correct it and carry on. However a serious or dangerous fault is fail. The test will take about 40 minutes.

What to bring with you

  • A car which is suitably insured, licensed and displaying L Plates (If using my car this will already be organized)
  • Your theory test pass certificate
  • BOTH parts of your provisional license (your test will be canceled and you will lose your fee if not)
  • If you have the old style paper license you MUST bring additional photo ID
  • Your test appointment letter